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Joe W


Just wondering what the average cache drive size is for users? We are running Windows 2016 Desktop servers, averaging around 11-12 users per box and are running into frequent instances where the cache drive is filling up and the box crashes, needing to be rebooted. Not ideal in the middle of a workday to say the least. Our cache drives are 20 Gb and we are using "Cache in device RAM, with overflow to Hard Disk. Each vm is configured with 24Gb of RAM.


It would appear that the bulk of the writes to the disk are being done my Edge and Chrome caching, which to my knowledge cannnot/should not be disabled. 

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I also would like to know what others are setting the RAM buffer size to. I have read that 4096Mb is recommended for Desktops, but that seems quite low, as users can easily burn through that in a couple of hours. I guess what I need to know is how the buffer works and if I am having issues with the cache drive filling up should I increase this or should I be increasing the overall memory on the host vm?

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