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Copy one server image to another

Scott Ugolik



I'm wondering if it would be possible to make an image of one xenserver and use it to recreate another?

I have two xenservers and one crashed, I've tried to do a fresh install but the original installs have many changes from the default installation and it's not very easy to figure them all out.

The "good" server is a mirror image of the failed one so I'm thinking it might be easier to clone it to the bad server but not sure about how the UUID's would work. 

Would the host UUID be different on a cloned server?

Is there a way to change the UUID if it ends up being the same?

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For us long time users the catch phrase for a while was "Ten to Xen" meaning it only took ten minutes to install, so

their wasn't a good use case for images since it installs so quickly.  But you do outline why its critical to keep all

of your update patches so they are readily available and follow the recommended hotfix install order.




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As to host UUIDs, each host has a new one. If you rebuild a server, like I said, you could make use of the metadata. The other issues are all the network and storage configurations, as well as the hotfixes. There is a way to do a backup and restore of the dom0 instance, as long a the server itself is in a good, functional state: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xencenter/7-1/hosts-backup.html



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On 3/12/2022 at 5:33 PM, Alan Lantz said:

Not something I've ever tried. But What I would do is maybe back it up with clonezilla and do a restore

to the other server (easier of course if you can snapshot between the two and create from a template).

Then use something like this to unique it.






This sounds interesting, gonna look into it.

Is making a template service effecting at all? I mean the snapshot part of it, can it be done with the system operational?

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Looks like the template is for the VM, not the server itself as far as I can find.


So I went ahead and did a fresh install but I can't apply some hotfixes.

I get "The update precheck failed: the server is of an incorrect version."


They're both 6.0.2.

What does that mean?

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[root@MNRNextivaXS3 ~]# xe patch-apply host-uuid=9f810df3-4506-48d8-9df5-0e67be66fb1e uuid=a3a73a6b-96df-432c-a875-1f89db5fe4a5
The patch precheck stage failed: the server is of an incorrect version.
patch: a3a73a6b-96df-432c-a875-1f89db5fe4a5 (XS602E037)
found_version: BUILD_NUMBER = 46947c
required_version: BUILD_NUMBER =~ ^53456.$
[root@MNRNextivaXS3 ~]# 


How can this be when the other servers build number also 46947 and it has that patch installed??

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Got the updates installed.


Trying to create a new SR:

xe sr-create content-type=user device-config:device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-36c81f660cbb6f3001b98806c063c6b5b-part3 host-uuid=9f810df3-4506-48d8-9df5-0e67be66fb1e name-label=”VM Database” shared=false type=lvm


Results in:

The server failed to handle your request, due to an internal error.  The given message may give details useful for debugging the problem.
message: Invalid argument: Client.rpc (Fault _)


What's invalid in that command?

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Each server will have its own, unique dom0.


Migrations don't always work from local storage; in case of issues, do a full vm-export/vm-import.

Could also be a number of incompatibilities, including server version,  hotfix levels, VM compatibility issues on a different server, etc.

There may be some clues in the logs.

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