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STAs for new Citrix Domain Controllers



Hi Everyone,

We have stood up a new Citrix environment, with  two new Citrix Domain Controllers-1912 LTSR

We also have an old Citrix environment,  with two old DDCs-7.15 LTSR, and two Storefronts.

All the four DDCs are listed in the Storefronts.

We are getting ready for changes in Configurations of Netscaler as far as STAs are concerned.

list of STAs that are setup in Netscaler  are the two old DDCs

My question is What needs to be done on the Netscaler so that we can point the external URL to new DDCs ?

is STA configured on the Storefront of Netscaler ?

another question, do we need to setup a Load Balance on Netscaler ( for the DDCs) prior to configuring STAs on Storefront ?

should the two DDCs be Load balanced first?

I guess what I am asking is that what steps should I take to replace the old STAs on the Netscaler.

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Your VDA register with the DDC's that are in the controller list, so you don't need to load balance this. 

You could do this for the STA, but then again Storefront has an option to load balance them. 


For StoreFront you van use a load balancer, but if you have multiple sites I also suggest using Content Switching on the gateway to redirect you to the correct site. 




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