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Windows 10 VDI Random PVS Desktop: Adobe Pro Surpress Sign In

Tom Swift


Looking for a way either via registry or GPO to not require a user to "Sign In" to their Adobe account when they start Adobe Pro in their VDI session.  Yes, we can click "_" to minimize, but we want to not require this at all when a user start Adobe Pro.  VDI is delivered via PVS and machines are randomly assigned from a pool and of course all settings are lost upon reboot.  The "Sign In" page should not even come up.  I'm also possibly looking for a way to auto accept the EULA so users don't need to click it either.


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You would be well advised to implement a means to prevent the loss of settings on logout.   Have a look at FSLogix, licensing is free in many circumstances, and it deals completely with issues like this as well as speeding up logins.   User settings are then persisted from one session to the next which makes the whole experience of non-persistent VDI much nicer for users.

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