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Azure MFA passthrough authentication....

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I have an issue whereby I seem to be unable to find the right advice on how to resolve, so hoping someone has set this up and is working.

Environment is:

Citrix Cloud, incorporating CVAD and Gateway services

Cloud Connectors (x3)

Citrix FAS (x2)



Initial logon to the gateway service requests Azure MFA. This then logs into Cloud Workspace service and user can launch apps/desktops. Once into a VDI desktop, Citrix Workspace App is installed with SSO enabled and directed towards the Citrix Gateway Service URL. 

I am wanting this to SSO, however this is not working and i assume it is down to FAS presenting the user with a certificate for logon.


Is there any way to get the CWA to auto-logon when connecting into the VDI? This is required as the customer is wanting published apps to be automatically presented to the user within the start menu.

Running the SSO checker through Workspace App advised to enable domain passthrough authentication on the store, but in this scenario, there is no store...

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