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Netscaler WAF policy required to migrate from Imperva Appliance.

Bradley Case

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Hey Guys,


Im currently in the process of having to migrate servers that are behind a Imperva WAF appliance to go behind a Netscaler ADC WAF module..  In order to make the policy as much as possible like for like I am trying to understanding if there is any similar learning method that can be applied on the NetScaler per the following Imperva article:




The deep inspections that NetScaler have that seem to somewhat offer anything that is remotely similar are:


URL start  <--- This would require lots of regular expression manipulation to make it so that certain url parameters are only allowed through.  As is currently the case on the Imperva, urls without any parameters specified are allowed though.. I'd need to create a regular expression for that as well. 


content-type <-- In learned data for this one I've not seen anything yet. Also, trying to find literature on this specific Rule type on Citrix I haven't been able to find much (Yet).


If there is a better way to create a similar policy to that of the Imperva Appliance I would love to know.  Hopefully someone has done something similar before.




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