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PVS Citrix Virtual Desktops Setup Wizard error

Erik Hurenkamp


Hi All,


We are having an issue with the Citrix Virtual Desktops Setup wizard, when we are trying to create VDI's through the wizard we receive an error.



We can select the Catalog, the host, template etc. When we click finish we immediately receive the following error:




I tried selecting a different PVS server, different Citrix Cloud connector server.


The only difference from last time is that we updated the Citrix XenCenter to the latest version and applied CU1 to the Citrix Hypervisor 8.2. I tried creating machines on a different host that has not received the CU1 update, but the same error.


I also verified in PVS that it has a connecting to the Hypervisors, which is successful. I tried searching the Eventlogs, but no errors. It's like the machines are not created in AD, or unable to. I'm not sure why. I hope you guys can help me out on what is causing this.

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Bit of a late response. Tried the above article, every option has been set in the registry.


- A colleague of mine upgraded all PVS servers 1912 to CU4 and re-ran the Configuration Wizard. Soap and Streaming services now run under a service account with the right permissions.

- We checked permissions in AD/Citrix PVS and Citrix Cloud servers.

- Ran WireShark on a PVS server to see if anything is being blocked, nothing. Can clearly see communication between PVS and SQL.

- When deleting a machine from a different host, we can see the database is being altered, so no DB issue. Also checked for corruption and the service account for PVS has the right permissions.

- Citrix PVS hosts pass the connectivity check to the Citrix Hypervisors.

-Cloud Connectors pass test

- Checked Firewall logs, nothing blocked on PVS / Citrix Cloud. Disabled SSL Inspection as well.

- No eventlog errors on both PVS or Citrix Cloud Connectors.


Also tried https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX273336 with all 8 options.


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44 minutes ago, Citrix Beheer Energiewacht said:


All of the sudden? Were you able to create machines before?


I just created a Citrix Support Request.


Yes, we were able to create machines. Last time I created machines was end of January this year. Yesterday, I wanted to create additional workers but it doesn't work.


Our environtment:

OS:    Windows Server 2016 Standard, Version 1607

Citrix/PVS:  1912 LTSR CU4

Hypervisor:  HyperV 2019

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