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Netscaler WAF - Safe Objects

Bradley Case

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Hey Guys,


This should be an extremely easy question to have answer. Im simply trying o figure out how to configure the "Safe Object Checks" as mentioned in this article:




I do not see any option to "add" a rule whether via GUI wizard or manually. I see an option to add customize signatures, but no option to add any rule (Deep inspection).


Specifically the above article makes mention of the following:


"If you use the wizard or the GUI, you add a new expression by clicking Add and configuring the expression in the Add Safe Object dialog box. You modify an existing expression by selecting it, then clicking Open, and then configuring the expression in the Modify Safe Object dialog box."


I don't see how to "Add" a rule as per that paragraph at all.. I am sure its something silly I am missing... But if someone knows how to do it I would be very grateful  if they could assist.


I am running 12.1 code level

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Save Objects are in your AppFw profile (not the signatures), but listed under the RELAXATIONS list and not the Security Checks.

Within the SAFE OBJECTS you can then set the on violation behavior: block/log/stat/x-out/remove and the pattern for the custom safe object).


Don't worry about the wizard. Just create a new appfw profile. Set the necessary security checks and relaxations. Then create policy and bind to vserver.

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