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Fix for horrible performance on Dell 7090 with Intel UHD 750 graphics. Slow panning, slow scrolling, screen lag, etc.

Greg Zielinski


I wanted to share this with the community as it hurt us real bad this week. Users stating that

·         scrolling in web pages and other apps was very slow. 

o   Examples included scrolling an application and taking 4-5 seconds for the screen to catch up. 

·         Moving and resizing windows with contents being shown was significantly slower.  What you did was significantly delayed and slowed down. 

·         Graphically intense apps (not 3d) had significant screen quality issues.

·         Zoom clients running locally on the Dell Citrix client were chopping and freezing.

·         Users who have worked fine for months and years would switch to a new desk with out latest Dell 7090 and experience horrible performance. 


Investigations showed

·         plenty of bandwidth and low latency.

·         plenty of VDA CPU/RAM performance available (we run VDA on physical workstations as well as Virtual machines).

·         ICA RTT and network round trip times in the sub 10 ms range.

·         Plenty of other staff running just fine as they have been for months/years.



We use Dell 7060,7070, and recently the 7090 micro form factor desktops as our Citrix clients. Due to supply chain issues the recent batch of 7090 machines switched from UHD 630 to UHD 750. We never really had a chance to test these.  We tried Citrix policies, win10 OS graphics settings (quality vs performance), ticking various policies.  Many of us are hardware enthusiasts and it didn’t make sense how the UHD 750 with almost 2x performance over the UHD 630 could be SLOWER as a Citrix client.


We banged our heads with receiver version changes, driver updates, reboots, trying different network paths, etc.  Even forcing in house clients via the public internet gateways because so many were reporting “Citrix worked better from home”.


In the end we traced it down to this undocumented registry setting which doesn’t even exist without creating it.  I have a support case open with Citrix (which BTW hasn’t started working my issues 48 hours after submitted it) to figure out WHY this is the case.  For now we know that after applying this registry fix, all you have to do is disconnect and reconnect your Citrix desktop session and performance is instantly restored.  The key doesn’t exist so this command line will create it and configre the setting for “UseD3DHybrid”.


reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\GfxRender" /v UseD3DHybrid /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f


There are a few references to this setting if you search online.  I’m not sure if the issue is the UHD 750 leveraging the newer direct x poorly, Citrix Workspace using newer Direct X is ineffective with that video chipset, or a combo of both. I mention Dell because that is what we use.  I don’t know if this issue would impact other machines using UHD750 or not. I can only say the same configuration with UHD 630 did not have this problem.



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