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Can't remove Globally Bound Authentication Policy or update their Priority

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Dear Community,


I am trying to remove a TACACS authentication policy from System->Authentication->Policy. When I check the policy and click delete I get an error "Bound policy cannot be removed". When I click on the policy and select "show bindings" it shows it bound to "GLOBAL RBA_REQ". How do I remove a bound policy?


Also, Is it possible update the priority of a policy? For instance if I have 2 polices, one TACACS and one Radius, where the TACACS has priority of 100 and Radius a priority of 99, is it possible to update those priorities if I want to change which one is preferred? I am not finding where to do that. 


Any help you can provide is appreciated, 

Thank you. 

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First, you can unbind and then remove it. You can't delete a currently bound policy as it is still in use.  


If you look at it from the cli, can you see the bind command.

Then that should show you what the basic structure of the unbind command is.

unbind system global -policyname <name>    

There might be another policy parameter for RBA vs other.  So, that's why looking at the CLI can help


If it is the only authentication policy you have bound globally, then you may in fact need restore a local authentication policy or something first.


Regarding your second questions, you can update priorities.

Within the GUI, just edit binding and you can change priorities, without unbinding or rebinding.


From cli, if you just repeat the bind command with new priority it changes.





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