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Redirected USB card reader needs the same port for every login in desktop session but the port changes every time

Martin von Hessert


Hi all,


I have a problem with the usb redirection. We have Ingenico Orga 930M usb card readers that should be mapped into the Citrix session. This works so far. I have set the citrix policies 
"Client USB device Redirection=allowed" and "Client USB plug and Play device redirection = allowed" as well as the "Client USB device redirection rules" on vda and client.

The redirection of the card reader also works. The problem now is that the card reader is mapped into the session with a different port each time. But the application that accesses the reader always needs the same port. Is there a way to configure this?
Strangely, "NET USE" or "chgport /query" on the vda do not show any com ports, although the device is working.

So when the session is first established, port 3 is used. After logging off and logging in again, port 4 is used because port 3 is supposedly still in use. After the next logon, port 5 is used, and so on.

But i always need the same port for the card reader. Preferably the port that is also used on the client for the card reader. How can i do that?


Do you have any ideas here?


With rdp it works as it should and the card reader always gets the same port assigned in the rdp session as on the local client. With ica it just does not work.



Server 2016

Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1912 CU3

Windows 10 PC with Workspace app 1912




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