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Understand the provisioning machine type on Citrix VDI environment

Zulhadi Zainal




Just ask opinion regarding to current Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops in the customer environment and want to understand more on this since I'm quite in Citrix world. My question is :


If let say, if in my current citrix environment,

1) customer access to single session OS (VDI)

2) he login to VDI, he will assigned to one of VDA machine in the machine catalog pool (random)

3) The changes it make and all file save in the desktop, it will remain there when he try login back to the session but the VDA assigned to him is another VDA machine in the machine pool (check IP address is different)


For above current setup, may i know is it the deployment known as non persistent desktop or persistent desktop? I'm quite confuse about this. Need an advise on this matter. Thanks

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2 hours ago, Pavan nannapaneni1709152483 said:

if its pooled random then its a non-persistent desktop. when the users logoff the VDA gets rebooted in the background and all changes are lost., this is by default. In terms of saving files and them to persist when the users log back into another Random VDA, you can utilise Citrix profile management .

hi sir @Pavan nannapaneni1709152483,


In this user environment, the files and item save and changes he made in VDI still there if he re-login to the VDI as in their environment do have a dedicated file server which userprofile and folder redirection folder located . Only when he login to the VDA, the not get the same VDA as he login previous (which is get random VDA)


So, if the situation like this,  we can say this environment is persistent but random/not dedicated VDA, is it correct sir?

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54 minutes ago, Pavan nannapaneni1709152483 said:

Persistent cannot be random as user always goes to the same VDA. This to me is a non-persistent environment, the fact that user can see files is due to profile being loaded from file servers during logon.


HI @Pavan nannapaneni1709152483,


Thank for your input sir. Very appreciate.


Yes.. User can see the file and also all bookmark created before also can be seen after logon to new session. 


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I think you may be getting confused as to what persistent and non-persistent actually means.   Using Citrix Profile Management, or alternative products such as FSlogix, it is perfectly possible to have an environment which is technically non-persistent but which looks, to the user, as though it is persistent.  I have many hundreds of machines which operate just like that - a user can make all sorts of changes to their desktop folders, saved shortcuts in Chrome etc, all of which come back next time they log in.   However, the machine they connect to isn't persisting these changes, it's just that the user profile is stored elsewhere and is re-attached when the user next logs in.


Persistent - user always gets the exact same machine, changes saved on local hard drive and persists through a reboot

Non-persistent - users get random machines, changes are not saved.   However, you can redirect user profiles using FSlogix (or similar) so it looks the same each time.


It's the best of all worlds in many ways, you get the stability and ease-of-maintenance of non-persistent desktops, but the users feel like they have the same machine every time they log in, as if it were a PC under the desk.

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