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Port Forwarding to Citrix Gateway vServer Using Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro not working

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I have a Citrix Gateway 13.1 and a single vServer for ICA Proxy. The VPX has 3 IP addresses, Management IP, Subnet IP and a vServer IP. My firewall is a Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro.  I have configured the port forwarding on the DMP to forward all traffic on port 443 to the internal IP of my vServer.


The traffic is hitting the VPX on the correct IP but the connection fails. Ubquiti Support have stated through a trace that;


"Based on the packet capture that was run on the lan interface, the request is reaching the LAN client but the client device is not responding back. This occurs when the client is not able to reach the gateway. This situation can happen, when the Gateway IP address is not configured correctly in the Static IP settings of the client device or if there is any ACL/Firewall running on the Lan client that is preventing it from communicating with the gateway.


Please verify that there is no ACL/Firewall on the client device and also make sure that the static IP configuration on the client device is correct."


It's the first time I've seen this issue. The Subnet IP and vServer IP are configured as expected. Anyone have an ideas?





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