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Published App getting stuck on taskbar when hitting the "Show Desktop" Button

Christoph Schulz



im trying to make my strange problem as detailed as possible.


We are currently running 1912 CU3 on Server 2019 and im testing arround with various Workspace Versions (right now its

It only affects one specific Published App , every other App is fine.  


When a user starts the app, everything is fine. When he minimize the app its ok too. But as soon as a user hits the "Show Desktop" Button at the bottom right from the taskbar, the app stuck at the taskbar.

Now the app can only be maximized with the Taskmanager or with the Citrix Connection Center (Switch to Fullscreen and back).


After some testing i found an other way... When i have a second published app open (which didnt have the problem) and i first click this one. Then i can normal click the problem app too... 


Right now im not sure if its a citrix or a Problem of the specific app. But on the App Servers (with local login) and on our old Citrix farm (7.8) everything works fine.

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