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Workspace App MacOS AzureAD DeviceID certificate prompt

Andre Schreiber

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we are using Citrix ADC with AzureAD (MFA) SAML Login. So far so good, but on MacOS Citrix Workspace is prompting for a certificate to gather a DeviceID for "trust check" through its conditional access policies. Even though we dont have any trusted MacOS devices which are eligable for login without MFA, it needs to check the DeviceID. If the user clicks on "Abort" the authentication goes on with MFA check and anything works as desired.

We dont like the workaround with clicking "Abort". 


It must be something "Citrix Workspace App" specific, the certificate prompt does not show off with the Microsoft Teams App or with a webbrowser. 


AzureAD logs the following information:

"This is not an error - this is an interrupt that triggers device authentication when required due to a Conditional Access policy or because the application or resource requested the device ID in a token."


Any hints on this?



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