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Citrix Workspace SSO (Domain-Passthrough) not working inside Citrix session

Bertug Demir1709155795


Hello everyone,


We want our users to access certain applications through Virtual Apps inside their Citrix Virtual Desktop sessions and we would like to achieve this with little to no user input. We have created a standalone store simply for Application access with Domain-passthrough enabled. We have Citrix Workspace installed in the Platform Layer with the SSO components installed. We have also configured the delivery groups to automatically fetch the Storefront URL for SSO access in the background from Edit Delivery Group > Storefront. I can also confirm that SSO Configuration Checker returns no issues and ssonsrv.exe is launching fine after user login. However, users aren't successfully logged into Citrix Workspace with Domain-passthrough and do not see their assigned applications. When the bring up Citrix Workspace, they see an empty screen and refreshing the apps won't get any results. The "Sign In" prompt at the top right won't turn to "Signed in" as it should under normal circumstances. Manually clicking this button also won't change anything. Tried with several different Citrix Workspace versions. The latest version I'm running my tests on is 22.2.0.


I could get this to work on a persistent virtual machine, but won't work with a non-persistent App Layering image as I have explained above. Is there anything I am missing? Need your ideas.









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