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ADC Networking question - using multiple subnets for VIP / SNIP

Anand Gopinath

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Dear Team


we have a citrix ADC HA configuration with 2*MPX5550 Appliances  . Management Interfaces 0/1 & 0/2 are not used   . 

we use the NSIP and the Virtual Server IPs on the same VLAN. 

For the Backend servers  ,  . Each backend server VLAN is defined in ADC and mapped to respective ADC Interface. right now we have MIPs / SNIPs defined for each  Backend server VLAN


As part of segmenting our network , we are looking at moving ADC Management to a dedicated vlan as well as use multple subnets for VIPs and backend communication  ( snips  ) 


I have the following queries .  Request help from the experts as usual   ?

1.is LACP LA Channel supported  between the management interfaces 0/1 & 0/2  ?


2. We would like to move NSIP to a dedicated Management VLAN which is bound to interfaces 0/1 & 0/2 .  While changing NSIP / NSVLAN, should we point the LB default route to a single SNIP which is able to reach all backend Server VLANs ? 


3. We would also like to use multiple VLANs  for the Virtual Server IPs ( to segregate prod , non prod LB Virtual servers traffic   ) . How can we do this  ?  


should we just create respective no. of VLANs on the LB and map them to interfaces and define SNIP for each VLAN   ?  




should we just create static routes in LB  to each of these VIP VLANs and mention the respective Gateway IP in each Virtual server we create on these VLANs  ? 


4. For the different backend server VLANs , can we define static routes in ADC to each of these VLANs  instead of creating  one SNIP per VLAN ? Can we use a single routable gateway IP for all such routes  ? 

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