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Xen server 8.2 Specified storage repository has insufficient space.

Shakeel Ahamed1709162372


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Hi Alan,


In the host I have 2 storage space Local storage - (400 GB) for host and SAP storage - (1.7 TB) for VMs.

1. VM1-  Linux using SAP storage 1.4 TB.

2. VM2 -Windows using SAP storage 200 GB.


Please let me know where the snapshot (on which storage) will be created/stored am bit confused here.

I want to take snapshot of Linux VM (1.4 TB) for this which storage space need to increase Local storage (or) SAP storage in my case.


I really appreciate the help you are providing thank you.



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The snapshot will always be with its vdi in the SR. You can't have a VM snapshot go to another SR.

If you want to take a snapshot of a 1.4TB VM you'll need at least 1.5TB or so of free space on the SR

for that to be successful. The downside to having large VM drives. I always strived to keep them

below 300GB just for that reason.




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20 hours ago, Shakeel Ahamed1709162372 said:


Hi Alan,


Thanks for the update, in my case the VM Linux server have 3 VDI as below. If I take snapshot of this VM will treat all 3 VDIs as one?  Which storage I need to increase to take the snapshot of whole VM.


VDI -1 :- 145 GB (for OS) SR Name (SAP storage)

VDI-2 :- 1.2 TB (for data) SR Name (SAP Storage)

VDI-3 :- 200 GB (Extra) SR Name (Local Storage on Distronsapserver).



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