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StoreFront - It shows the "Cannot complete your request" just at home page, before prompting for authentication.

Larry Bitting1709152819

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2 weeks ago I installed a new Citrix Hypervisor pool (8.2 CU1) and migrated one of my StoreFront servers from XenServer 7.1 CU2 pool.  Ever since sometimes users get this error message when they simply load our StoreFront site internally.  Nothing else with Citrix has changed that I can think of and both SF servers do get sessions on them.  I also did not propagate changes between the SF servers after this partial migration - would that have anything to do with it?


Currently our work around is clearing Cache on their Chrome/Edge browsers and then they are able to access our site and login as normal.  If we didn't have reoccurences from the same staff I would have just left it be.  The other odd thing was we were able to direct users to Edge and it would work, but Chrome would not.  Now we see the same behavior between both browsers until we clear their cache.


This is BEFORE the login prompt is even presented.  Not happening to all staff each day - sporadic.  I looked at event logs on both StoreFront servers and do not see much out of the ordinary.


Also to note no External clients going through our Citrix NetScaler appliance are seeing this issue with the Gateway login screen.


I have opened a ticket with Citrix but no response as of yet.  Any ideas would be appreciated!

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I think we found a solution for this problem in the following Citrix article: 


We now test it with one customer to see if this solves the problem.



On each Storefront, navigate to IIS and then under Default Page's HTTP redirect tab HTTP Response Headers (found in center pane), add the following:

Value: *

Value: <URL customer normally goes to>

Value: true

IISRESET must be performed on each Storefront server

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