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help adding apm code - escaping a string for a rewrite expression


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trying to test using the netscaler to add apm tool into websites that i can't modify the code for. 


can anyone help convert that script block to a compatible netscaler rewrite expression block? is there a tool that can do it? 

what characters need to be escaped? 





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Two possible ways:

Most special characters like ? and ! will need to be escaped as \? or \!.  Basic example:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX234965

Double quotes will need to be literalized as \" or if entering in command line, you can us single quotes to surround the expression while keeping internal double quotes intact.


There's some variance depending on if you are writing this in gui or in cli.  Something's do not need to be escaped in GUI; but will be escaped in CLI. If you then try to run the cli commands again thoug as new cli commands, you have to first re-literalize the ? as \? to paste back in.

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