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100% cpu usage on citrix viewer when there is animated object in any citrix window

Jozef Stoila


Hi All,

im having issue on mac book pro with 4core i7 cpu (experienced the same on macbook air 2core i5) whevener there is animated object in any citrix window, for example in browser page, when on that page is something moving, animated object of any size.

the cpu usage is at or above 100%

 Any suggestion or help would be good 


is there maybe some ica config parameter that might affect this behaviour?

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please, any suggestions?

it is quite obstructing in daily work, all citrix windows slow down, almost to a halt,

i have tried many ica settings i found googling, i have also tried setting registry keys on the VDA, to no avail.

only sometimes, i noticed, that cpu usage hovers around 60-80%, then the citrix session still works fine,

but this seems unrelated to my settings, possibly related to VDA server, as the server changes everyday.

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i just noticed strange behaviour,
i have 2 external hdmi displays connected via usb adapter,

cpu usage is 40-60% when window with moving graphics is on one external display,

and jumps to 100% when i move window to second display,

cpu usage falls again, when i move window back.


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