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DNS content switch to load balance separate domains

Wolfgang Baere

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Exploring possible solutions to keep both operations and cybersecurity satisfied, leveraging a Citrix VPX running 12.1.


Scenario:  Merger and Acquisition of healthcare companies that operate 24/7 .  Due to cybersecurity policies, company A and company B have no domain trust and are not to share DNS services/infrastructure.  PCs are being migrated from Domain B to Domain A, but still need name resolution to Domain B for an interim period for legacy application access.  DNS traffic originating from company B PCs that have been flipped to Doman A will be permitted through the M&A firewall.


Could a LB Virtual Server or Content Switch be leveraged at Company B to direct DNS traffic to Company A, Company B or external DNS filtering device depending on the request using DNS.REQ.QUESTION.DOMAIN (or similar) policies? 

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