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VPN Always On - No SSO to Homepage after successful login

Reto Barandun

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Hi folks


We have a new VPN Always ON SSL VPN which works as expected. Tunnel is established when the client boots (We do device certificate checks as per documentation) and after the user logs in the Gateway PlugIn does automatic login for the user (with 2FA) and connects successful.


But after login, when the user clicks on the homepage Link on the plugin UI (no for homepage setting done in netscaler), the gateway page opens but the user has to login in again. When he does the login, the user lands on the published applications and bookmarks page provided by Netscaler.


I would expected that when the Homepage opens, the user see the published applications immediatly without requiring to login again.


We use Netscaler ADC Advanced VPX, Version, Client is Windows 10 21H2 (AD joined device), Edge Chromium as standard browser. 


Any ideas what i'm missing?



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