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Optimized HDX (for Skype) does not work with newest ICAClient-

Christian Groove


+Dear Sirs,

my customer uses Skype and in order to reduce the CPU load on the Windows10 host.

I am running the ICA receiver on a FedoraF35 system with enabled selinux.


My problem is, that the optimized HDX does not work. I modified the module.ini as it was described in

the documents:



- In directory: /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/config

-- module.iini


+ EnableUDPThroughGateway=True
+ AllowAudioInput=True
+ DesktopApplianceMode=TRUE



+ EnableAdaptiveAudio=TRUE
+ AudioRedirectionV4=True
+ EnableUDPAudio=True
+ UDPAudioPortLow=int
+ UDPAudioPortHigh=int


- In directory: $HOME /.ICAClient

-- wfclient.ini




Q1:   Maybe we have to do some further conifguration with selinux (enabling some ports for UDP ?
A1:  Maybe not, i ran the same configuration with a disabled selinux and ran into the same problems (with a new seesion)


Q2:  Does the Attribute EnableUDPThroughGateway enable a sort of tunnel of audio packaes ?


Q3: Do i need the HDX_RealTime_Media_Engine_2.9_for_Linux_x64 ?

A3: Yes iff the current release 2202 does not come with that realtime engine




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