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Security Warning with Citrix Workspace App 2112 and 2202 for Windows

Nico Temperli


We do have an issue with Citrix Workspace App 2112 and above. From this version, our users see the following security warning every time they connect to a new session:


Even if they select the checkbox "do not ask me again for this site", the option is not persisted and the user is asked the same question again the next time they open a new session.


We do some troubleshooting and also made some tests with the Client Selective Trust option. However our users should have the ability to select and persist the option they like and we do not want to force the setting. We see the following differences between the Citrix Workspace App versions:




As the setting seems to point to the IP of the VDA with the new Citrix Workspace App versions, this could explain the behaviour. We have an environment with arround 300 pooled VDA's. Everytime a user opens a new session, the IP changes (because a different session to a different VDA was opened) and the settings which are persisted in the registry do not apply because they point to the IP-Adress of the "old" VDA.


We do have an open case about this issue, but without any results at the moment. Just curious if someone else is seeing this kind of issue with Citrix Workspace App 2112 and 2202 for Windows?

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On 3/21/2022 at 8:25 AM, Nico Temperli said:

Update: Seems to be a general issue with CWA for Windows 2112 and above. Engineering provided us a private build, which fixes the issue.
Engineering is currently targeting the fix to be in release 2205.

Citrix told me the same thing that the release planned in 2205 will fix this problem. That never happend!!?? It still does not work in the latest version of 2203 LTSR CU1 or 2207 CR. Citrix also provided to me a special build version in mars but that did also not work. 

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