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Is there a how to guide for configuring DUO for MFA with Citrix Cloud?

Steve Skwerski1709158799


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I used those same blog posts and managed to figure it out. However, it doesn't seem possible to setup Duo + Citrix Cloud to match what's possible with an on prem Netscaler (ADC) with regards to the use of simple usernames.


My client wanted to keep using username + password with Duo MFA, but with Citrix Cloud's SAML 2.0 auth + Duo MFA, users have to instead either prepend the AD domain name or type in a UPN in order to authenticate. I would have thought that it would be easy for Citrix to allow the admin to pre-populate the AD domain name (or the UPN suffix), but apparently they don't think that's  important enough to incorporate into Citrix Cloud SAML 2.0


My client wasn't happy about it, but without getting Citrix on-board there's no solution to the problem.


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