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Content switching http 503 for all *.css files after upgrading from NS13.0 83.29.nc to NS13.1 9.60.nc

Daniel Kruumlger

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Hi there,


we experiencing a strange behaviour in the content switching functionality in one of our production clusters after upgrading. Everything works fine in version NS13.0 83.29.nc, one of the nodes is still on this version and we are running it right now, the second node is already on NS13.1 9.60.nc, here we get an http 503 on all served *.css files.


I did a function test before the update, both system were working as expected.


The cluster is running on the working node now, means the cluster is in an unhealthy state right now, we serve some thousand users...


I have a support ticket open since some weeks but now but no progress so far.


Has anybody an idea what could cause that behaviour?





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I found the issue by myself (no response from support at all!), actually this post gave me the hint into the right direction.




The integrated cache was active on both HA partners but only on the updated partner it worked and files got cached.


After flushing the cache, the website was delivered as expected.


So flushing cache resolved the issue and as we have no need to cache content, we disabled the function completely.



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