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Netscaler / ADX - Only Web Interface available for mobile devices

EC Saw

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Hi, recently my users were saying only a manual setup via IOS or Android is usable (by choosing Web Interface). The native "app" view doesn't work anymore but it did previously. Trying to figure out where the issue lies since the connection is working (when connecting via Web Interface method). Only change we made was upgrading the VPX from 12.1 61.19 to 12.1 63.22.


Another strange thing is it sometimes works when creating a brand new profile on the Workspace App, but ONLY for the 1st time. Subsequent connections would show the error message : An error has occurred while connecting. Check your server address and connection.


Have a ticket with Citrix Support for one month now, and they asked me to check the internal network. But nothing has changed there and no connections are blocked from what we can see. Support has been very slow to respond so far...anyone can give pointers on what to check? I suspect it's something configuration related only. Possibly the connection profiles/policies? Thanks.


EDIT : Got another fantastic support engineer who solved it within the hour. Seems to be due to our internal beacon issue. 

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