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Does Citrix ADC Enterprise support WS-FED?

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Hello community!


My question is regarding this articel:



Do I understand it right that Citrix ADC supports WS-FED authentication without any ADFS? 


I have many saml-idp working perfectly, but I'm a bit clueless how to handle those request? The SP said that there are no sp-metadata and i won't need any. 


Here a sample request



As far as I understand, wreply is my assertion consumer url and wtrealm is my sp-entity-id, correct?


I can't find any additional documentations about using ADC as an WS-FED-IDP except the document above, could someone give me some clues?


Normally when I don't receive any sp-metadata, I can get all informations needed to configure adc by simple reading the request, but this one makes no sense to me ?


Thank you!

Best regards


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