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CWA version 2120 installation errors out: Installation NOT successful for 'CitrixWorkspaceBrowser', error: 1603.

Stephen Shores1709160366


I have had two users in two weeks that couldn’t install Citrix Workspace App 2120, the latest version. It refuses to install a component called CitrixWorkspaceBrowser, and the two MSI components that sound like that in name, after you install them, it results in a non-working CWA installation. You can click the ICA files all day long, and it launches a couple of Citrix processes in the background, but the app never launches.


Error in the log:

15:29:37: Error - CComponentManager::GetInstallStatus(600) - Installation NOT successful for 'CitrixWorkspaceBrowser', error: 1603.


I have the rest of the log attached, in case that might prove helpful.


Short-term, I'm using version 2108, which works fine. https://www.citrix.com/downloads/workspace-app/legacy-workspace-app-for-windows/workspace-app-for-windows-2108.html


Google searches didn’t produce anything mentioning this component. I was hoping someone here might have seen this.


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Maybe it's because of the known bug with silent installation of Citrix workspace app.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is needed for Citrix Workspace App (since version 2107, I'm not sure) and should be installed also, but it doesn't work unattended. 

Try to install Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime first (version 92 and up) and Workspace App after it.

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