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Sharefile AdvancedSearchItem API does not return all my data for historical CreateDateStart

Samrat Dutta1709163237


Sharefile AdvancedSearchItem API does not return all my data for historical CreateDateStart.


My use case is to return all Items (Files and Folders) in a paginated fashion corresponding to a particular CreateDateStart.
Problem 1: When I try entering CreateDateStart as a very recent date it responds perfectly and I can see my files and folders that are really created on a particular date(recent though)
Here is a screenshot where it returns 5.99KB of data when I put a CreateStartDate="2022-02-01T01:00:10.333Z"

But, when I tried to put the CreateStartDate as 2021-02-01T01:00:10.333Z, it starts returning 3.18KB of data which cannot be true since starting 2022-02-01T01:00:10.333Z only I have 5.99KB of data. So it should be way more than that.


Problem 2: In the above case when I try to do provide Count and Skip in order to page through, it does not seem to work and gives me same data every time.

Problem 3: Quite surprisingly, PageSize. PageNumber Body parameter still works even if it is mentioned as Deprecated and I can receive all my data if I just gave CreateStartDate as 2021-02-01T01:00:10.333Z and PageSize as 100000.
It returns around 6MBs of data. So, is it at all deprecated?

Basically, I need to understand how I can work with the AdvancedSearchItem API with non-deprecated body parameters to retrieve all my Items (recent or old) in a proper paginated fashion.
Will be a huge help for us if someone can answer this question.

Samrat Dutta

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