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Not Able to change password from Citrix Portal


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Hi all,


I am running ADC 12.1 for external Netscaler. When we create new user with the option "User must change password at next logon" at user's account in Active Directory, user was not able to change the password. Our Authentication points to the MFA sever. The option to change password came out and also the confirm password option is also prompting. But after changing it , it prompts in correct credential please try again. Do anyone face with this problem before? Considering the option to change password was ticked on the Virtual Server on the Netscaler.

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"Our Authentication points to the MFA sever" - so how's your auth policy looking like? You are using LDAPS to your Domain Controller and "Change Password" is enabled or what's the target of MFA Server?


There is a known issue in a specific 12.1 and 13.0 Build:


In some cases, after the user password is changed, the following error message appears, Cannot complete your request.

The error occurs because the modified password is corrupted after encryption.

[ NSHELP-25437 ]


But I think that's not your issue, as "Cannot complete your request" isn't shown?




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