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Netscaler Gateway Client Idle Time-out Issue

Yong Du

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Have Configured a Netscaler , running version v13.0.82.45, with Citrix Gateway Session Profile -> Client Experience - Client Idle Time-out( mins) 30  in an attempt to time out user sessions if the gateway does not detect any user activity in 30 minutes. 


The Session Profile is applied to a virtual service for the RDP Gateway but for some reason user sessions are not disconnected after 30 mins of idling. 


Anyone knows what could be the cause of this issue?  

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Are you in VPN or RDP Proxy mode?

There are two vpn timeouts:  session timeout (idle timeout) and client idle timeout.

Session Timeout is a max idle session timeout if data is not being sent over VPN tunnel (or ica proxy or rdp proxy). 

Client idle timeout is a measure of whether the local client is still in use and will keep vpn tunnel active even if tunnel is not use, but local app still has activity...but you have to be in vpn mode using the full vpn client.


If you set client idle timeout, local activity will keep session running OR if not in vpn mode can't be measured. So I think you want the other timeout instead. Make sure you are using correct one. If app sends keep alive probes or other things this may make it look active even if user isn't using it. So rdp timeouts should also result in idle timeouts to close app, so proxy session will also end.

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