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Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 and PowerEdge r730 Compatibility

Mike Maggio1709162854


We currently have a farm of XenServer 7.6 hypervisros running on Dell PowerEdge r730s. We are in the process of going to 8.2 on new PowerEdge r740s (these are up and runnign now though they are not yet in production).. Evenetaully, we want to upgrade the old 730s to 8.2 and then merge the new servers with the old ones for a new farm, all on 8.2 but with a mix of Dell 730s and 740s.


I have heard that there is a compatiblity issues between the 730s anbd 740s or possibliy with the 730s and 8.2.


Has anyone heard of compabiloity issues with these combinations?


Thankyou in advance,

Mike Maggio

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