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REST API documentation: possible values of properties

Nigel Birch


We're just starting to look at the CVAD REST API and how we can integrate with it. I might not have used the correct terminology here...


The CVAD REST API documentation gives examples of the data that an API call returns (the "Responses" section of each page). What it doesn't provide (as far as I can see), are the possible values that a property can have (in the "Example Value" sections).


For example: MachineCatalogs_GetMachineCatalogs looks to have three kinds of properties:

  1. Boolean, e.g. "IsPowerManaged": true. Whilst the documentation doesn't list the possible values IsPowerManaged, we can assume that these are "true" and "false"
  2. Numerical values, e.g. "AvailableCount": 0. Again, the possible values aren't indicated but we can assume the possible values are positive integers
  3. Text values, including states, e.g. "UpgradeState": "MissingUpgradeType". These present a problem - we need to know what the possible text values are (understand what they mean!) so that we can respond to them via our API integration.


I'm wondering whether Citrix has any documentation of the possible values of these properties (in particular, the text values like in example 3 above)? Sorry in advance if I've missed some other existing documentation of this. Thanks.

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