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SSPR with Two factor authentication

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I'm implementing the SSPR with two factor authentication.


LDAP as the first factor and Mobile authenticator Safenet as the second factor.


Im using the nfactor flow creator to create the flow and I'm using the DualauthPassword reset schema available with the netscaler.


Im running in to issue where logon works with the two factor but when i click on the password register reset , it not taking me to the password reset pagae instead it takes me back to the one factor login page.


I was following the Citrix SSPR Nfactor flow creator document form citrix , which was for single factor 


Has anyone did the two factor auth plus passwords reset successfully. (I thin the Policy schema is using username and OTP for password rest validation and then it provides the screen to enter the new ad passwords


Please advise , if you have successfully implemented it.


Im not sure whther this /nsconfig/loginschema/LoginSchema/DualAuthPasswordResetRem.xml  LOGIN SCHEMA IS GOING TO USE USERNAME AND OTP or KBA questions and Email OTP

SSPR two factor plus pass reset.png

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