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Building CTX VDI Farm from scratch

Sukhwant Singh1709160818


Hi All,


We looking into designing and building a new Citrix VDI farm from scratch. Just curious if anyone has a good material out there as to what approach is best? Be it all on-prem, all cloud hosted or hybrid.


Would like to get your thoughts on some things you guys have done, some gotchas to be aware of,  any hidden costs etc. We are looking to build the VDI pretty much right-sized from the get-go. We will launch this initially to our 150 IT users and then the rest of the company in phase 2. We have 2 on premise MPX 8900s that we will incorporate into this environment other than that everything is fluid.


One question I do have is, does Citrix support Server 2022 OS and is this a path you guys would take?


Thanks in advance for any input you guys can provide!

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