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Citrix Gateway Setup, Store URL

Jesse Cain

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I am trying to set up Citrix Gateway, It seems to be working except that after login it tries to direct to  https://gateway.fqdn//Citrix/AccessWeb but the actual URL it needs to go to is https://gateway.fqdn/Citrix/Altname-AccessWeb/ and I end up with a 404 error (gateway.fqdn is not actual address used, just as sample).

If I authenticate and then manually type the correct URL then it opens the store front and shows my apps/desktops.

How do I configure the Gateway to use the correct URL? The URL is correct in the Controller and I can open and log into https://controller/Citrix/Altname-AccessWeb without issue and if https://controller/ is used it will redirect to the correct full URL. 


Thank you.

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Hello Jesse,


just go to your Citrix gateway virtual server. There are Session policies bound within session profiles. In session profile, go to the tab published applications. There you are able to change the storefront URL which is used to redirect to after successful authentication. 

Best Regards


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