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Documentation for nsconmsg output, e. g. bandwith information

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is there a good documentation about the output of the nsconmsg tool?


Currently, I'm trying to figure out what the output field of this nsconmsg about bandwith exactly mean:

root@lb# nsconmsg -K /var/thomastest/newnslog -s nsdebug_pe=1 -d oldconmsg

current time is Wed Feb  2 10:21:59 2022
Statistics for interface(LO/1) (UP, 0 ( ))
  Rx pkts 8530, pkt/s 2323, avgpktsize 1326 bytes
  Tx pkts 7234, pkt/s 1959, avgpktsize 205 bytes
  Dropped 0 Bcast 0 Mcast 0 Pe 8530
  Queue len: Tx 0, TxQ 0, Free nsb 47562
Rx: 11211820 Bytes, 25 RawMbps
Tx: 1464773 Bytes, 3 RawMbps
  • Timestamp and Interface are obvious.
  • Are the Rx pkts and Tx pkts values for the last seven seconds?
  • What exactly does Dropped mean? I suppose, it's for Tx packets.  Is this for all possible drop causes or is it only for output queue overflow?
  • What do the values for Rx: and Tx: exactly mean? How is the relation to the RawMbps value?


Could somebody point me to a documentation for this fields?


Thanks in advance


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This may help you:

https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2014/05/02/netscaler-counters-grab-bag/  >> List of articles for individual counters

This one is then from that list's NIC Counters:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX125102

As the debug counters though the -s (debug view) is shortening this; you can look at the raw counters if needed.


Additional counter list:



Command cheat sheet with examples for some of the debug counters:





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