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FSLogix stuck profiles trying to log in

Stephen D. Holder




I’m working with a customer who is running FSLogix for their profile solution. I’m not very familiar with FSLogix, so been doing some research and came across James Kindon’s article and getting some good knowledge, turns out FSLogix and UPM can be solid solutions under the proper scoping.


Customer is 100% in Azure cloud, running Citrix Cloud as the control plane, and primarily delivery virtual desktops. Customer is experiencing an inconsistent hit or miss scenario:  when users try and log in, they’ll get a FSLogix error like the attached and then are booted out of the session before even getting to a desktop. Users are unable to connect to a VDI until an admin goes in and generally follows these steps -


  • Obtain user ID
  • Search that user ID on the FSLogix shares
  • Once found, manually log that user off the server


There is some talk about remotely logging a user off with PowerShell or another script, but the root cause is still outstanding and needs to be addressed as this is taking away many cycles from the team. This suspiciously reminds me of on-perm stuck sessions. Only with on-perm you could go to studio and see a ghost session under the delivery group -> sessions tab and sign them out, or even go to the hypervisor and cycle the VM.  Such ghost sessions are not showing up in Citrix Cloud Studio.


I would like to know,


a) has anyone came across this sort of thing before?
b) can anyone offer other good FSLogix articles for me to bone up on? Specifically looking for how FSLogix is integrated with Citrix
and c) on the surface, would you expect troubleshooting to be at the Citrix level or Microsoft / FSLogix issue? I  believe customer already has out tickets to both vendors, I’m just coming on new and still gathering recon.




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