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trying to take picture from an iPad workspace app by using Mobile SDK for Windows Apps getting CMP_ERROR_CLIENT_DRIVE_UNAVAILABLE error



Hello everyone.
We are trying to make a windows C# app that can call ipad camera and take a picture then copy to workspace desktop directory.
We used the demo from Mobile SDK for Windows Apps and put exe file into workspace desktop directory.
When we run it,it returns CMP_ERROR_CLIENT_DRIVE_UNAVAILABLE error.
It seems it cannot access iPad storage so we checked allow read/write access from Device Storage option in Store Settings within Citrix Workspace App, but it didn't work.
Does anyone know how to fix this error?
I believe it throws the exception when it runs into BeginTakePicture.


private void DoTakePicture()
            this.ShowPicture = false;
            this.Picture = null;
            this.LastStatus = "Taking picture...";
            this.vmBase.Cmp.Camera.BeginTakePicture(PictureImageFormat.Jpeg, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30), ar =>
                    var picture = this.vmBase.Cmp.Camera.EndTakePicture(ar);
                    this.Picture = picture;

                    this.LastStatus = string.Format("Picture: {0}, {1} bytes", picture.FileName, picture.Size);

                    // Now show the picture.
                catch (CmpException ex)
                    this.LastStatus = "CmpException: " + ex.Message;
                catch (NotSupportedException ex)
                    this.LastStatus = "NotSupportedException: " + ex.Message;
                catch (TimeoutException ex)
                    this.LastStatus = "TimeoutException: " + ex.Message;

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