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Not meaningful messages in Citrix Workspace when trying to open a Citrix desktop or app while network connection is NOK





We are in the process of configuring and deploying Citrix Workspace with Storefront for our internal workers on their Windows 10 workstations and laptops (from Citrix Online Plugin with Web Interface. Old stuff..).

Currently in the testing phase with:

Citrix Workspace 2112.1
Storefront 3.12.2000 (already in place for external connections with Citrix Gateway)
- Domain pass-through authentication
- User subscriptions disabled


Globally it works OK but we see a behavior in the Citrix Workspace client that will certainly generate calls for support from our users:


Admit the PC is not connected to the network (due to Airplain mode activated by mistake, a netword failure, a cable disconnected, etc.):


Situation 1 : If the user then open Windows and Citrix Workspace, the user is not automatically logged to Citrix Workspace (because there is no network connection) but all the icons (Citrix desktops and apps) are still displayed as usual, without warning. So the user tries to launch his Citrix Desktop or app and... not happens. Nothing at all, not even a message.
Could a message like "The application is not available , check your network connection" be displayed in this situation?


Situation 2: Still the PC has lost is connection to the network, but Citrix Workspace is already opened (so the user is already logged). If the user tries to open a Citrix desktop or app, here is the message he gets (in french see attached file)

This is really not meaningful. Can't the message be change for something more meaningful? (Like: "The store isn't available right now, check your network connection")

These issues are reproduced with the Unified User Experience activated and deactivated.
Did we miss something? How to get meaningful messages to inform the users there is a network problem?

Thanks for your insights.


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