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Citrix Viewer is showing "swiss cheese holes"

Tim Palm



the Citrix Viewer shows quite often "holes" and my background screen is displayed. This error showed up after release beginning december.

With mouse over on this holes or scorring the display repairs sometimes.


Temporarly I could fix the problem by forcing the system on Citrix roleback but from mid January this fix does not work anymore. Citrix Viewer seems to update internally and the bug reappears again.


Any workaround ? Because is bug really annoying !!!


Thanks for your reply

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So glad to see I'm not alone in seeing this bug. The swiss cheese holes (where whatever is behind Citrix Viewer is rendered instead of part of the remote desktop, making it look like a panel has been cut out) seem to be predictable – i.e., I can anticipate when it's going to happen, since it always seems to happen in the same workflows. So far, the only workaround I've found it to force that section of the screen to get re-rendered by interacting with the affected part of the remote application.


I started seeing rendering problems in 2112 and was bummed to see they persisted in 2201. Here's hoping they get addressed in a 2202 release.

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