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Citrix Licensing when different licensing are available



Hi thanks for taking the time to read this.


Running 7.1912 CU4 

We have a mix of licensing in our current farm with:

i. Virtual Apps (x1000) Premium

ii. Virtual apps And Desktop (x500) Premium


The licensing server is configured to use Virtual Apps 


What I don't know is once 1000  VDA licensing are consumed does Citrix start issuing the Virtual App & Desktop lic or is the grace period triggered?


Is Studio Licensing - Site Overview the pool of available lic. the source of truth? 

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Are all the VDA servers in the same delivery group?

You can assign different license editions to different delivery groups, but don't think you can get one delivery group to use multiple different license editions.




Ken Z

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as far as I know the grace period is triggered, because your license server is set to use virtual apps license.

You can assign licensesper delivery group by powershell.


useful links:

Multi-type licensing | Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2112

How to Configure Multiple License Types within a Single XenApp and XenDesktop Site (citrix.com)

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