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Issues mapping printers in Platform Layer when added to domain

Darin McClain


If I browse my print server via windows explorer, and double click on a network printer (to preload drivers), nothing happens. If I take it off the domain, it will add normally. I created a new platform layer as a quick test, same behavior. I just re-did my 20H2 to 21H1 update as well as I had some scanner driver issues present in my first attempt. Those are resolved now. I'm trying to figure out if this new issue is print nightmare vulnerability related, or App Layering related. Anyone else experience this behavior? Any suggestions? When I publish my image, it behaves the same there as well. However, when I deploy to linked clone pools, the issue does not occur with my end users. No events logged in event viewer either. 




Update, I put the "RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministrators" set to 0 in registry on my OS Layer. I also tried Disabling via my domain group policy management the "Limits print driver installation to Administrators" policy. Neither have had an effect once the machine is added to the domain. I'm still at a loss whether I'm fighting an OS layer file corruption, a print nightmare related issue, or something else entirely. I've also loaded a new print server, 2019, same issue. If I log into a physical PC running 21H1, as a standard domain user, I can map these same printers just fine. Though I'm still getting prompted for credentials to install the driver...

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So a local PC, added to the domain, behaves similarly when logged in as local administrator account. When I browse the share of printers (of course I have to give it domain credentials first), try to add one, they won't add and I get an access denied error. I don't get any errors on my VMs when I do the same thing, nothing happens at all. But things are fine if I log in as a domain user. So, something either going on with my domain/group policy, or something with the 21H1 version of Windows 10. I corrected my printer driver issues in my templates by re-doing my platform layer from scratch, and this weird behavior still exists, so I'm pretty confident it's not a layering issue.

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