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Citrix UPM




I'm struggling with Citrix Streaming and UPM understanding, will be very grateful for the advise. We have

-Citrix 7.15 CU7

-MCS provisioned pooled random VDAs, 

- Citrix UPM and Streaming feature enabled, Active Write back disabled. 


So user Citrix profile contains Pending folder and UPM folder. I read a lot of documents but didn't find the answer if Pending folder should be empty after user logs off, I understand that it synchronizes with UPM folder but should it be empty after that? In our case we have a lot of users with big profiles (in process of configuring proper Citrix UPM exlusions etc) and their Pending folder is also huge. Even in case we renamed it to the Old, then new one is also filling files but not cleaning up after user logs off. BUT if user gets new Citrix profile created, then Pending is empty. Also if initially user had small profile, then Pending is also empty. 


Could you please help, what is the normal size and behavour for Pending folder with Streaming enabled?



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