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Citrix Virtual apps and desktop design considerations.

CARLOS Bueno Jara




We have 2 datacenters with Citrix VPX GSLB load balancing. We want to deploy Citrix virtual apps and desktops with the requirement that citrix components on the SZAL Datacenter must not comunicate with citrix components on the SZVAL Datacenter. In other words, if the GSLB directs me to SZAL Datacenter, it is the storefronts of that datacenter who authenticate me and that these storfronts only talk to the DDCs of that datacenter. The HDX session must also be launched from the Netscaler-GW on SZAL Datacenter to the VDA of that datacenter.

We've configured 1 site with 3 zones. That are components of every zone:

Datcenter1 on AL --> 1 Storefront, 1 DDC, 1 sql server, 1 Citrix Director
Datcenter2 on VA --> 1 Storefront, 1 DDC, 1 Citrix Director

SECONDARY ZONE SZAL (resides on Datacenter 1)
2 storefront servers, 2 DDCs, 1 VDA

SECONDARY ZONE SZVA (resides on Datacenter2)
2 storefront servers, 2 DDCs, 1 VDA

We have only one storefront store, replicated between all storefront servers.

The load balancing between zones is made by Citrix ADC VPX, by static proximity.

On the storefront logs, we saw that when a connection is load balanced to the SZAL zone, the storefronts that respond that request are one of that zone. However, they send authentication information to one Delivery Controller of SZVA zone(the other secondary zone). The application enumeration is made by that DDC of SZVA Zone. I want to kwnow if it's possible to force that storefront on SZAL Zone speak only with DDCs of that zone.


The other doubt here is about storefront to zone assignement, because we dont see where can configure that.

Any help would be appreciated


Best regards.

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