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questions about CVE-2021-4034 vulnerability

Marco Braccioli

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Hi all,

we have been awarned about the recent CVE-2021-4034 vulnerability,

that is a memory corruption vulnerability in polkit’s pkexec, a SUID-root program that is installed by default on every major Linux distribution.

Many customers are asking to us if Netscaler/ADC and other Linux-based Citrix products are affected by this vulnerability.

Could you give us more informations?

thank you,

best regards


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Hi Marco,


Just following up. Citrix have advised we're not impacted. Case #81007051. They said: 



************************************ CITRIX SUPPORT *************************************************



Hi Team,

Thank you for contacting Citrix Technical Support. My name is ******** and I am the eService Technical Support Engineer assigned to your case.

On this case you have raised an issue related to security vulnerability CVE-2021-4034.

According to the following link, this vulnerability has not been found to be related to FREE BSD, because the bottom layer of our NETSCALER is the FREE BSD system.


Last-minute note: polkit also supports non-Linux operating systems such as Solaris and *BSD, but we have not investigated their exploitability. However, we note that OpenBSD is not exploitable, because its kernel refuses to execve() a program if argc is 0.

Please let me know if you have queries.


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