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Folder redirection

Glen Orenstein1709155616


Would like to redirect the Desktop folder to a shared location.   
What is the best method for doing so.  
1. Redirect using a GPO
2. Redirect using a FSLogix Redirection
Shared Folder location
Are there any issues with redirected the users desktops to the same folder share the FSLogix profile disk is stored or do we need to create a new Azure Files Share?
I found this Article by Nerdio which is similar to what i want to to.  I still want to keep documents in Onedrive but the desktop folder in Onedrive is not working out.   

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8 hours ago, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:

You could also use Known Folder Move in OneDrive.


Known folder move for desktops is a bust.  To buggy.  Documents and everything else is fine.  Desktop has issues with duplicate icons.   The article I shared is how they do it in Nerdio.   They are doing folder redirection for the desktop and let everything else go to onedrive. 




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