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Confused about Citrix ADC VPX - CiC - Istio ingress gateway integration

Alberto Moreno

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In a previous installation, we have kubernetes 1.18 - CiC 1.1.3 - Istio 1.6. All is working fine, Citrix ADC VPX see Istioingressgateway and assign a external ip (the ip of ADC VPX).

Now we are trying to create a new updated k8s cluster (v. 1.22), Istio 1.11.5 and CiC 1.21.9. 

In previous environment, we deploy istio and CiC, and we see that istio ingress gateway have a external IP, and recognizes ADC as external Load blancer. Nothing special were configured.

In the updated environment, we deploy istio and CiC but we see that ADC does not assign any external ip to instio ingressgateway. We prefer to use LoadBalancer services in front of NodePort. Not know why ADC does not recognizes istioingress gateway ¿?.

We see this line un CiC logs:

"IP Management is not configured, Skipping configuring service istio-system:istio-ingressgateway, please recreate the service with annotations" I think that's the point.


Has anyone found the same situation? any ideas? how to tell ADC VPX that istio ingressgateway needs to be LoadBalancer and the gate for comunicatin with pods.


Best regards


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